This is a report of the highlights of today’s press conference with the Papal Envoy to Medjugorje . Hopefully the complete transcript will be available soon.

First, it should be noted that during Archbishop’s talk there was electricity in the room. Participants at the press conference sensed something historic and special was taking place.

Archbishop Hoser began the conference with a prepared message.

The Papal Envoy first spoke of the comparison of Lourdes with Medjugorje saying that Lourdes, after 150 years, has about 6 million visitors a year and Medjugorje has 2.5 million visitors after just 36 years.

“It is important to grow Medjugorje. People discover something extraordinary at Medjugorje. There is an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation. An atmosphere of peace of the heart – an inter peace of the heart. At Medjugorje there is a huge space for spirituality. People rediscover something sacred, something holy. There is something divine when we honor Our Lady.

“Our Lady is always showing us back to Christ. When we look closely at Medjugorje we see at the center is the Holy Eucharist. We see Adoration where the real presence of Jesus Christ is found. People at Medjugorje discover the Holy Rosary. People at Medjugorje pray the ‘Way of the Cross” and experience the passion of Jesus Christ. Of course the Holy confession and reconciliation with God is also at the center. ‘

Archbishop Hoser made an interesting point about the commercialization of Medjugorje. He said that Lourdes, outside of Paris, has the most hotels in France, so it would be natural for Medjugorje to have many shops and hotels. He said Medjugorje will continue to grow.

The Papal Envoy then spoke of the fruits of Medjugorje.

“Medjugorje transforms people. In many countries individual confessions do not exist. No adoration of the Holy Sacrement, no “Way of the Cross” , no prayer of the rosary. In many countries there is a dryness of sacred space which leads to a crisis of the faith. At Medjugorje people come to the source. The discovery of prayer all takes place with the help of the Virgin Mary.”

“Medjugorje emphasizes the title of “The Queen of Peace” The Holy Father, Pope Francis has said “we are in a piecemeal third world war. We see this in the cruelness of civil wars. I have lived the genocide in Rwanda. Syria has been destroyed. Syria has the oldest Christian presence in the world. Chemical weapons are now used. There are so many political conflicts, this is the reality of the today’s world. So now to evoke the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God in prayer for peace is important. The specific role of Medjugorje is utterly important .“

“You can say to the whole world that there is a light with Medjugorje and you can find the light again. We need these spots of light in the world that is going down to darkness. So friends, be carriers of this joyful news.“